Welcome Home: A.R.E.’s 84th Congress

This is not one of my regular posts. I wanted to take a moment to honor my experience this past week while in attendance at the A.R.E.’s 84th Annual Congress. (This was the impromptu trip I wrote about in a previous post.)

I have attended a number of conferences at A.R.E. Headquarters over the last 21 years. This was my 3rd Congress and it was phenomenal! The energy going around was joyous. I have never felt that at another conference before. There was a level of love and positivity, which is difficult to describe.

This was truly an amazing experience. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to all of those who made this year’s Congress possible and to all of those in attendance. Mahalo!

84th Congress (2) 84th Congress 84th Congress (3)