Following the Signs

Much has changed in my life over the last few weeks. I have been working on my next step in life. While this was going on, I started to receive information about a turning point in my life. Being a spiritually motivated person, I asked for guidance, clarity and any signs that might help along the way.

I am a firm believer in signs as guidance. I have refined these skills throughout my life, but I am still learning. Frequently I have been asked, “How do you know when it’s a sign from God or just a coincidence?”

Simple answer, I do not always know. It is a process for me to analyze the information I receive. There is a fine balance between doubt and faith. I will go over some examples of signs and coincidences to help further explain.

When my son received a coupon for a Sklanders Trap Team toy in his Happy Meal, he was convinced it was a sign to drive to Target and buy a new toy. I had to explain to him, that it was a promotional coincidence, not a sign from the heavens. Bear in mind he just turned six, so his understanding of the situation was not out of the ordinary, unlike a woman I once knew. She received information that she should sell her worldly possessions, move to the American Southwest and search for aliens. I still remember her telling our group of friends, I was only fourteen at the time, but I still knew her plan was a bit odd.

She was a wife, mother and grandmother, who completely uprooted herself to follow the signs. Her husband did not agree with her motivation, so he stayed in their family home when she left. Last we heard she was traveling across the desert in an RV without A/C and with an array of animals. I think she was headed to Taos, NM to investigate the Taos Hum.

On the other side of the same coin, my mother recently received a series of signs regarding some recent home upgrades. She was looking to buy new lanai furniture, but was not certain of how to pay for it. Within a few days, a rebate card (not a credit card, similar to a gift card) for over $500 arrived in the mail from Lowes. My mother was then able to purchase the new furniture without having to pay out-of-pocket. That was a definite sign.

Personally, I have had my fair share of misinterpreting signs. As a young eighteen year old, a pre-approved credit card in the mail was a sign. Now I shred those offers on site. As I mentioned before, I analyze the information I receive. I receive signs through dreams, visions, informational downloads and throughout every day life.

I recently asked guidance about my career options; that night I received a dream in which I was suffering at a coffee shop. I awoke and took it to mean not to apply to the barista positions I had located the previous day. Although I could easily reinstate myself in the coffee world, I took the dream as a sign not to because it would cause unnecessary strife.

Yesterday, I was unusually feisty. I noted that I was upset and stressed out. I sat with my discomfort and asked for guidance. I began receiving information about going on a trip, for spiritual and business purposes. Not being certain of the idea’s intention, I asked my mother to be mindful of her dreams last night. (Quite often my spiritual signs affect the whole family.)

This morning while reading a book by one of my favorite authors, John Van Auken, I came across a line from the Book of Job and received an informational download. (This is how I describe receiving information from a higher power.) I went home and shared the information with my parents. Then began the process of seeing the reality of the information I received. I will not exaggerate, the reality of this trip is closer to the World of Disney, but I am a believer.

While discussing the details of this potential endeavor, my mother told me her dream from last night. It had to do with her finding a restroom, so the dream to her was based in the reality that her sleeping body had to use the bathroom. I noted that a dream involving the restroom would make me think of the aforementioned author, John Van Auken, who has also trained me in dream study. Van Auken cautioned against the body’s natural urge to use the bathroom upon waking. He advises to review dreams prior to using the loo.

At that moment, I was actually discussing the personal symbology of dreams with my mother, not even thinking of her dream as a potential sign for me. Is my mother’s dream, which triggered memories about John Van Auken, whom I was reading earlier in the day and I will potentially visit with on this trip, a sign for me? If I had not received the following sign, I would not be reading into this dream so much.

I felt a need to take a break from the situation, so I took a walk with my son. As I turned the corner I noticed a parked car with a license plate from Virginia. Virginia happens to be where this trip will take me if things come together. Sign or coincidence? If I were east of the Mississippi or on a military base, complete coincidence, but I live in Hawaii. It is not common to see an out-of-state plate on island. I smiled and took the license plate to be a sign. Not necessarily a sign that I am going, but a sign to that I am on the right path and I should pursue the options.

My basic guidelines for determining if a sign is a message or a coincidence, primarily rely on your reasoning skills. When you receive a message or sign, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Who is this for?
  2. Who is this from?
  3. Who will this benefit?
  4. Will this cause any harm to myself or others?

Sit with these questions and their answers. Ask for additional guidance, be specific about what you are seeking. Do not be afraid to ask for clarification in a way you will understand. The Universe is an infinite place, help yourself by defining your needs. If you cannot easily remember your dreams, do not ask for guidance through them. Above all else, trust yourself.