Here’s the 2020 Plan

Growing up I went though the typical phases of what I wanted to be when I was older. By the time I was 10 years old, I knew I wanted to be my own boss. Looking back I should have been more specific about what that meant. Like so many other children, I grew up, and joined the Restaurant Industry. What can I say? Cash is king.

After 22 years in the Industry, I decided that I would cut back my availability by 2021, to Monday through Friday only. I was already on a lucrative day schedule and it was working out great for my family. The idea was to start looking into my future career once my children graduated high school. I was focused on the idea of my children first, then myself.

This year I turned 40 on March 20th, by March 24th Hawaii entered the first state shutdown of 2020. Thanks to the global pandemic I was furloughed and eagerly awaiting my unemployment like so many others. Not much happened those first few weeks of quarantine. Then one sleepless night it occurred to me that I had been given an opportunity to start building the career I WANTED. It was time to commit to being my own boss, just as that little girl in Shawnee, Kansas realized all those years ago.

I will save the process I have been undergoing for future posts. This was meant to be an announcement post. I am announcing my career independence!

It has taken a village of amazing people to build the person I am today. I will be relying on that same village to guide and support me as I make this commitment and transition. It is time to start fulfilling my purpose.

I have updated my current websites and Facebook groups. I will be posting more blogs on Sandaled Shaman and Vocal. Look for live Facebook posts, starting next Saturday October 10th on the Edgar Cayce Oahu group page. There are a few more things in the works such as new programs, online services, and three certifications that I will be adding to my rebranded practice.

All of my social media links are below. I greatly appreciate the support of everyone who has contributed to this journey. Although 2020, has not been ideal, I am making the best of it and pursuing my personal calling to be of service to others.

Fear: Building My Career

When it came to aptitude tests, I was always well rounded. My scores never provided definitive answers to a college major or career. Basically I would be good at anything I tried. That would have been excellent, but I am 35 and still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.

Generally, I have excelled at my work endeavors, but I have yet to find one I truly loved. The closest I came was working in a full service Marriott; at the time it was great and I enjoyed the work tremendously. Now I have two young children and working in an industry which never closes is far less appealing. Regardless of my job placement, I have always felt that I was in the right place at the right time.

Earlier this year I decided to create my dream job. I created a mission statement and vision statement, I even created a space for my new career. All I needed was a dream and I would be ready to embark on my new adventure.

In the twenty plus years since those aptitude tests I was no closer to a dream job. I could tell you what I didn’t want, and I knew I wanted to make own schedule while helping others on their spiritual paths. I was also fearful to lose any income while embarking on my new endeavor. 

Feeling a bit lost, I turned to speaker and author Jon Acuff for guidance on building the career I wanted. Through personal experiences and humor, Acuff helped me to understand myself better. For the first time in my life I had some sense of direction. Right now I am in the phase of not quitting my day job, so I can build my dream job. I  have found this step to be very important because it practically illuminates the fear I have about creating my own career. 

Today I feel as though I received an unlabeled box from Ikea. I have all the pieces and tools, but the instructions are vague and I don’t know what the final product will be. I can’t tell where my heart lies; am I to build a chair or shelving unit? The one underlying theme throughout all my career research goes back to the movie Field of Dreams, “If you build it they will come.”

I need to stop worrying about the outcome and start building my dream to see where it takes me. I know that if my spirit, mind, and body are in the right place then my dream will unfold. I also know that in time my dream will change and that will be okay too. Today is the day I punch fear in face and get on with my life.