Here’s the 2020 Plan

Growing up I went though the typical phases of what I wanted to be when I was older. By the time I was 10 years old, I knew I wanted to be my own boss. Looking back I should have been more specific about what that meant. Like so many other children, I grew up, and joined the Restaurant Industry. What can I say? Cash is king.

After 22 years in the Industry, I decided that I would cut back my availability by 2021, to Monday through Friday only. I was already on a lucrative day schedule and it was working out great for my family. The idea was to start looking into my future career once my children graduated high school. I was focused on the idea of my children first, then myself.

This year I turned 40 on March 20th, by March 24th Hawaii entered the first state shutdown of 2020. Thanks to the global pandemic I was furloughed and eagerly awaiting my unemployment like so many others. Not much happened those first few weeks of quarantine. Then one sleepless night it occurred to me that I had been given an opportunity to start building the career I WANTED. It was time to commit to being my own boss, just as that little girl in Shawnee, Kansas realized all those years ago.

I will save the process I have been undergoing for future posts. This was meant to be an announcement post. I am announcing my career independence!

It has taken a village of amazing people to build the person I am today. I will be relying on that same village to guide and support me as I make this commitment and transition. It is time to start fulfilling my purpose.

I have updated my current websites and Facebook groups. I will be posting more blogs on Sandaled Shaman and Vocal. Look for live Facebook posts, starting next Saturday October 10th on the Edgar Cayce Oahu group page. There are a few more things in the works such as new programs, online services, and three certifications that I will be adding to my rebranded practice.

All of my social media links are below. I greatly appreciate the support of everyone who has contributed to this journey. Although 2020, has not been ideal, I am making the best of it and pursuing my personal calling to be of service to others.

Personal Does Not Equate Selfish

Throughout my life I have been a supporter of self-care. I personally believe that in order to be of service to others, we must first be of service to ourselves. Healthy soil is needed to produce healthy crops, the same goes for us.

I frequently hear the tones of jealousy when I am headed to the beach or to see my massage therapist. The same thing occurs when I discuss my annual yoga trip to Mexico (@yoginirixie). Rarely does someone connect with my self care, which leads me to believe that they do not have a practice in place for themselves.

Unfortunately, self-care comes across as being selfish. I choose to see it as a boundary I set for myself. Yes there are more important things in life than my mani-pedi, but I have personally chosen to set aside time every three weeks to visit the spa. I do yoga a couple of times a week, I workout every morning, and I make arrangements to visit the beach at least once a week. I do all these things for my own personal well-being, so I can be the best version of me for the other people in my life.

The more I take on in life, the more self care is needed. Just like a car, a standard oil change is every 5K miles, it may take 6 months or 2 months to reach that. It all depends on how far the car is being driven each month.

Women, mothers in particular, tend to lack self-care. Especially when they are tasked with caring for family members. There is a false idea that there is no time for “selfish en devours”, but in reality these are the times when self-care is needed the most. I know my 19 year old self did not need monthly acupuncture sessions like I do now. I have much more on my plate these days. I gift myself with health and personal care on a regular basis.

Bottom line, take care of yourself, love yourself, and respect yourself.



Fear: Building My Career

When it came to aptitude tests, I was always well rounded. My scores never provided definitive answers to a college major or career. Basically I would be good at anything I tried. That would have been excellent, but I am 35 and still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.

Generally, I have excelled at my work endeavors, but I have yet to find one I truly loved. The closest I came was working in a full service Marriott; at the time it was great and I enjoyed the work tremendously. Now I have two young children and working in an industry which never closes is far less appealing. Regardless of my job placement, I have always felt that I was in the right place at the right time.

Earlier this year I decided to create my dream job. I created a mission statement and vision statement, I even created a space for my new career. All I needed was a dream and I would be ready to embark on my new adventure.

In the twenty plus years since those aptitude tests I was no closer to a dream job. I could tell you what I didn’t want, and I knew I wanted to make own schedule while helping others on their spiritual paths. I was also fearful to lose any income while embarking on my new endeavor. 

Feeling a bit lost, I turned to speaker and author Jon Acuff for guidance on building the career I wanted. Through personal experiences and humor, Acuff helped me to understand myself better. For the first time in my life I had some sense of direction. Right now I am in the phase of not quitting my day job, so I can build my dream job. I  have found this step to be very important because it practically illuminates the fear I have about creating my own career. 

Today I feel as though I received an unlabeled box from Ikea. I have all the pieces and tools, but the instructions are vague and I don’t know what the final product will be. I can’t tell where my heart lies; am I to build a chair or shelving unit? The one underlying theme throughout all my career research goes back to the movie Field of Dreams, “If you build it they will come.”

I need to stop worrying about the outcome and start building my dream to see where it takes me. I know that if my spirit, mind, and body are in the right place then my dream will unfold. I also know that in time my dream will change and that will be okay too. Today is the day I punch fear in face and get on with my life.

Acceptance: It Is That Simple

Being a product of co-dependency can create some interesting relationships in a person’s life. I am speaking from personal experience of course. While pondering a decision I made regarding boundaries, I asked myself if I was lacking compassion or protecting myself?

My inner voice began to rationalize my actions based on past events. As I was working through the details another voice came through. This is the voice I know as my Higher Self, the direct personification of a higher consciousness. The voice said, “Accept the truth, not the personality. Accept that person as a child of God. It is that simple.”

Apparently I was over complicating the situation. I was relying on falsehoods, not truth. The decision to not accept a person’s negativity was sound, but the idea not to accept the person was incorrect. I had not thought of the person as a direct reflection of God. I was caught up in the worldly emotions of the relationship.

Any healing process involves acceptance and forgiveness. This is not to condone or excuse anyone’s actions. The recognition that each person is a reflection of God is a way to heal. I am able to accept a child of God much more easily than the personality a soul projects. (Myself included.)

I am never given more than I can handle. Each difficult person is a lesson in acceptance. I will need to remember that I do not have to accept their falsehoods, only their true selves. I need to allow myself to see them as a child of God. And accept that they are a reflection of a higher power.