SP-181 Interpersonal Communications: Part II

This is the second post in a series which began on Saturday 4/17/21.

Listening (Ch. 8)


paraphrasing / remembering / responding


Identify the situations in which you listen mindfully and those when you listen mindlessly and then evaluate the style you use in each situation.


Give examples of ways in which our growing use of technology affects listening effectiveness.

My daughter is 13, my son is 11 neither of them listen to sh*t. That is not exactly true, my son listens to his friends on Minecraft and Fortnite. My daughter is always chatting with her friends on Discord. Both of them can remember information from mindless YouTubers, but they cannot remember anything important. Our family therapist is having an inner conflict with the use of screen time in her home and society. She recently finished a book discussing the long last effects of prolonged electronic use. I have noticed how my kids cannot retain information. Almost as if that part of the brain has not fully developed.I did have my daughter tested for a number of concerns. Fortunately she does not have a chemical imbalance when it comes to memory. She does need more assistance developing her higher functioning skills. In fact today she has lost her phone privileges during homeschooling time. She missed half of a class because she was chatting on Discord. The class was part one in a seven part series, not to mention being tardy. A couple of months ago my son was struggling with distance learning. We noted he was playing games on his phone during class time. As soon as we took the phone away his classwork improved. Fewer distractions are best for my children. As a parent I am seeing the negative effects of prolonged screen time. I was one of the stricter parents when it came to electronics. My kids never had a screen shoved in their faces when they were in their strollers. I was struggling with the balance of no electronics at home and electronics being used in school, then COVID hit. My children have been doing distance learning for almost a full year. Five days a week on their school issued iPads for 4-5 hours each day. What else could we do?As an adult I have to make a point to not use my phone during Zoom sessions. Difference is, I can multitask and am capable of listening to more than one thing at once. I also understand and accept the consequences of my distractions.

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