Independence Day: Setting Free Spiritual Truths

Today is the day the nation comes together to celebrate our independence from a foreign oppressor. It was less about being ruled by the crown of England and more about freedom from a way of thinking. Regardless of where the country is today, it was a pivotal moment in time when a mass of people decided to change the world view.

What do you know to be true? Did you grown up feeling there is something more? Do you remember your first spiritual truth, have you found it yet? How will you solidify your new-found truth?

When an individual embarks on their path to spiritual freedom, they are often faced with challenges. They are trying to change themselves, which leads to a change in their world. The resistance can come from the individual or their surroundings.

Although an individual journey is not on scale to the Revolutionary War, it can sure feel like it is. There will be those that oppose you, long winters and times when you feel as though you are all alone. Do not let the skeptics and non-supporters get in your way. Stay true to yourself.

My advice for embarking on a spiritual journey begins at home, within. I recommend focusing on three to five new habits which reflect the truth you are seeking. These can be meditation, prayer, yoga, whatever is supportive. Work on these habits daily for ninety days. Let them become a part of your life.

Now that your core is in place, move outward. Find a support group or activity that calls to you. Utilize Facebook and MeetUp. Can you imagine if Benjamin Franklin would have been able to Skype with the French Government, rather than sail across the Atlantic Ocean to meet with them face to face? Technology has brought the world closer together; find or create a support group for yourself despite outside influences.

By this time a few months have passed. The immediate people in your life will most likely have noticed a change. This is where the work can get tricky. People are creatures of habit, they become accustomed to the way things are. Your new-found spiritual truth is going to affect your family, friends and co-workers. Unfortunately our greatest opposition can be those closest to us.

Do not fret, that is why you built your foundation. Use your personal habits and social support to aid you at this time. The Founding Fathers not only relied on their personal strength, they relied on each other. No one can do it alone and no one is expected to. Continue to work on yourself.

Your spiritual awakening and journey are not about others. They are about freeing yourself from an old way of thinking. This is your time to move beyond the oppression and falsehoods of your past. Think of this as your personal revolution.

Once you have found your truth, move forward with it. The journey may be long, and it will be hard. The Founding Fathers did not know what they were doing. But they knew and agreed that they cold no longer live under someone else’s falsehood. Together they birthed a nation. Do the same for your self, give birth to your spiritual truth.

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