User Error: Outlet to an Infinite Source

I am the technical guru of the family. When an electronic is not working I know about it. I do not know how many times a week I hear myself say, “Did you power down and restart?”

Having dabbled in audio-visual (AV) work back in the day, I am a fan of checking the power source. That is my first step when troubleshooting. A couple of years ago when my young daughter was trying to prank people, she actually managed to pull a good one on her grandfather. (My daughter was only 5 or 6 at the time, so her pranks were interesting to say the least.)

Grandpa was making fresh salsa. He plugged in the food processor and turned away to dice some tomatoes. In the mean time, my daughter unplugged the food processor and motioned for me to keep quiet. Within a few minutes Grandpa was frantically trying to get the food processor to work. He pushed the buttons, removed the lid, replaced the lid, etc. Finally the family burst out laughing, my daughter had just pulled her first prank. Despite Grandpa’s efforts he was unable to get the food processor to work all because he did not check the power source. In his mind he was plugged-in and therefore the problem lay elsewhere.

Although, it has been a couple of years I was reminded of the incident last night when I told my father, “User error, it’s generally user error.”

How many times do we think we are plugged-in to our spiritual source when in reality we have lost the connection? Ever had that perfect morning when you were able to meditate or pray prior to beginning your day? You the leave the house centered and fully aware of your connection to a higher power. Then on the morning commute someone cuts you off and the barista at Starbucks screws up your drink. Perhaps you shake it off, but then someone takes your parking space at work. Within moments you start to feel flush and a fleet of words flow from your mouth. What happened to that connection? From an AV standpoint, the best thing to do when this or a similar situation occurs is to stop and check the power source. Where is your connection? Is it the higher power or the ego?

The universe is filled with unlimited potential. Many of us do not know how to utilize all that is available. Through “User Error” we miss out on our full potential. Take a tip from the AV Department, always check the power source. A proper connection to a higher power will provide infinite results.

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